After a less than desirable second quarter of 2016, when Twitter’s profits came in lower than the expected $602 million return, the company reportedly began looking to sell itself fast.

According to sources, Twitter is looking to close a deal by October 27 , 2016 where the company would be sold.

The sources also reveal that Google, Disney and Salesforce were interested in the purchase of Twitter.

twitter-2Disney and Google however dropped out of the running, causing a 9 percent slump in Twitter’s share price, which was already down to $22.58.This leaves only Salesforce in the bidding for the microblogging network.

Many are interested in learning how Salesforce will make a difference with Twitter.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s however made it look like the sales company had not decided on committing, he noted that the Salesforce often passes on most acquisition deals:

We look at everything. You name it, we look at it. It’s in our interest to look at everything. We have to go deep on everything to understand what is possible for our shareholders and what isn’t. But in the scheme of things, if you look back at my track record as a CEO I think you’ll find I look at a lot of things, [but] I actually pass on most things.

He later added:

We have to look at everything. We’re going to pass on most things. And the reality is our decisions have been very, very good for our company. On the vast majority of the deals we do, the stock goes up.