Mr. Wale: Abeg I want to recharge my phone 

Dolapo: Please what exactly do you mean? Do you want to buy airtime or you want to subscribe for data or you want to charge your phone?  Like I’m really confused!

This and many more technology terms have been used over and over and yet, many of us don’t know what they mean because we just picked them from other people. That’s where TechCity Vox Pop comes in.

CUCUMBER is more popular than UBER

One thing you should know about the Vox Pop is that it is not just for entertainment, but also to educate and inform you.

For example, we got to the streets and asked some people for the correct spelling of Uber, and apparently we found out that cucumber is more popular than Uber.

We were also made to understand that Globacom offers the cheapest data plan in Nigeria:

And then the full meaning of SMS; to be honest, I didn’t really know that till this video was released.

And then people like us don’t really have a reason for locking our smartphones 🙄

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