TaxiPark’ is a mobile app that lets you find and contact taxi cab drivers within Lagos. It was soft-launched in March, and since then it has been working to add more features such as Google maps for driving directions as well as cab services in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

With a self-service taxi booking site and mobile app (to be released in January 2013), TaxiPark allows users to book for taxis immediately or at a future date and time.

Taxi companies can also sign up for TaxiPark’s subscription-based Cloud Console service to help them manage and control their taxi fleet as well as track driver movements and manage transactions.

The service is also designed for small to mid-size taxi fleets allowing taxi companies that sign up to access the application from anywhere via a PC or mobile device and provides trip booking and dispatching functions, in-vehicle mobile trackers, automatic vehicle location and support, maintenance, and training.

The service would only be available via the website, until the mobile app, which would come with extra features, is released by January 2013.