November 20, 2017

Surveillance: TeleEye launches outdoor speed dome with 20X optical zoom

Paul AdepojuJul 27, 20163min

TeleEye is pleased to announce the release of AF6120 AHD speed dome camera with a powerful

20x optical zoom. With its full HD 1080p resolution, long IR range of 100m and IP66 weather proof design, the AF6120 is perfect for outdoor surveillance applications.

Additionally, supporting the Control over Coaxial (CoC) feature, installation of the AF6120 camera is extremely convenient and flexible as it allows the transmission of control signals through the same coaxial cable. This eliminates the need of an additional control cable, offering a simple and cost effective solution for users.

Simplest Way for Upgrade to HD Video Surveillance

In general, when users upgrade from a SD to a HD surveillance system, usually the entire system needs to be replaced. This not only generates higher costs, but also causes inconvenience and delays to the current surveillance operations. With TeleEye AHD solutions, users can continue to use their existing coaxial cables. All that is required is to replace the existing cameras and D VRs with TeleEye’s AHD products.

Long Reach, Excellent Noise Immunity

TeleEye AF6120 can obtain a long-distance HD video transmission through a coaxial cable of up to 400m, while  IP cameras can only transmit to approximately 100m and experience unavoidable interference. In this case, users can monitor to a greater distance with the TeleEye AF6120 that outputs videos with impeccable quality and zero noise.

Instant Video Response

For absolute accuracy during video surveillance monitoring, it is crucial that there are no de lays throughout the CCTV footage. With TeleEye AF6120, the front-end data does not require any form of coding compression for real time results and high fidelity, so there are no broken footages or delays in the results.

Versatile Range of Video Management Software

TeleEye AHD solutions are also fully compatible with the revolutionary TeleEye video management software. This includes TeleEye sureSIGHT integrated video management platform, sureGUARD end-to-end alarm management solution and TeleEye iView HD remote monitoring application.

Paul Adepoju

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