October 17, 2017

Samsung Teases Galaxy S5 Features Ahead Of MWC

AdewaleFeb 11, 20143min

Samsung is likely to unveil the Galaxy S5 later this month, this is quite contradictory to its tradition of showcasing its latest Galaxy S smartphones at its own events instead of revealing them at industry events like Mobile World Congress.

This morning, Samsung shared a teaser image via its official Twitter account that shows what some of the icons on the Galaxy S 5 may look like. These icons also gives hints in regards to what kind of features to expect on Samsung’s latest flagship device. Some of the features, like Social and Privacy, are no brainers, but it’s interesting to see Fitness, Life, Outdoor and even….. Curiosity!!!

It has  also been revealed by @evleaks that the Galaxy S 5 will get a completely revamped UI that looks a lot like Windows Phone 8′s Metro UI.galaxy s5

We don’t know what a lot of these features correlate to, but it’s always fun to speculate. For Fitness, Samsung could be more deeply integrating the Galaxy Gear into the Galaxy S 5 to better track your exercise and fitness goals. As for Life, it could mean that Samsung could be getting a head start in Quality of Life devices that are expected to hit the market in the coming years.

While Samsung would have you wait until later this month to learn more, the ever reliable @evleaks has a few more details on what we may be able to expect from the Galaxy S 5. Two tweets from late January indicate that the S 5 may have a fingerprint reader as well as software that renders maps in 3D.

While this all certainly looks like a lot, we are still not sure what the flagship device will look like. Compared to the Galaxy S 4, it’s kind of surprising that Samsung has been able to keep so much a secret until now. We’ll likely hear more about the device, however, as we approach its unveiling.

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