October 17, 2017

Samsung Introduces Golden Galaxy S4

AdewaleSep 25, 20132min

Samsung’s Middle East on Wednesday announced the introduction of the Golden Galaxy S4.  There are two option, Gold Pink and Gold Brown version.

The design and internal components as the Galaxy S4 in the market remains the same, but feature a gold-colored backplate.golden galaxy s4

The Golden Galaxy S4 get their names from the colors on the front. The Gold Pink has a pink-colored hue for its face. The Gold Brown swaps the pink with a brown color.

This announcement by Samsung comes just a couple of weeks after Apple launched its gold-plated iPhone. That device, which has a champagne-like finish, is the first flagship handset from Apple that did not come in black or white colors.

Samsung provided few details on the device, including pricing and availability information. It also appears that for now, the handsets will only be available to its Middle East customers. By doing this, the company may just be testing the market. If there’s a global demand for these new colors, other markets may likely see some gold variant of the S4.

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