August 2nd to be precise and Yup, there’s no Note 6

Rumours have been on for weeks now about Samsung’s next phablet. And although the company hasn’t made any official announcement as to when its next addition to its Note series will be launched or what it’ll be called, recent leaks by Evan Bass, Phone Arena and sammobile are already telling us a lot.

What information can we draw out from this leaked image?

For me, the first question this image answers is the rumour about what Samsung’s next Note series will be called. From the image above released by sammobile, (which by the way looks to me like a banner ad), it’s easy to see that there’s merit to the rumour that Samsung’s next Note series will be called the Note 7. According to reports from several tech analysts, the reason for going from No 5 to No.7 in naming the next Galaxy Note is in order to harmonize the number designation of its. So far, Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed or denied this idea but if it’s true it does make sense to me. Since both the S series and Note series are the flagship brands, having different numbers for both can be confusing especially for those who aren’t familiar with the line-up.

Secondly, the image also shows both a launch date and venue which is August 2nd at the Lincoln centre, New York.

Thirdly, the statement “The next edge is just around the corner”, makes me wonder if Samsung will be launching just the Note 7 Edge or if the Note 7 will come in both the standard and edge versions. But a single edge version does feel unlikely as it’ll be wiser to give customers willing to shell out big bucks for such a device to be given the ability to choose what type of display they’ll like.

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Other specific features expected to come on the Note 7 include a 4,000 mAh battery, a USB Type-C port. an iris scanner and a Snapdragon 823 SoC or an equivalent Exynos chipset.

So, what do you think? Are there any particular features you’d love to see in the Note 7? Let me know what .