As a way of ensuring that Nigerian children especially teenagers are better equipped for future careers in computer science, a new online platform has been launched to offer them free training. It is the PCHub.

The company responsible for the platform noted that today, 12% of all job openings and 17% of all new wages in the developing world are in computing fields. And aside from the jobs, many nations have realized that computer science is increasingly becoming a much needed foundation to all twenty-first century careers.

They however identified a shortcoming in Nigeria’s educational curriculum, they noted that three-quarter of Nigerian schools offer computer studies not computer science.

“The Nigerian primary and secondary school curriculum focuses more on computer studies than computer science. The curriculum of developed nations is computer science,” they said in a statement. “With computer science students learn how to create solutions. With computer studies, students learn how to use the solutions created in computer science.”

PCHub is basically an online platform for children and teenagers in Nigeria to learn HOW TO CREATE using computer programming. Registration on the platform is free and the courses currently offered include Web Development, Mobile Computing, 3d Animation, and Game Development.

PCHub is an open-source learning hub for a variety of users including teenagers that will learn how to create anything by writing instructions for the computer to execute; School teachers can download complete course manuals on computer programming including video tutorials, PDF files and required software.