Not the most enthusiastic action comic book reader or superhero fanatic around but when I saw the image for Marvel’s new superhero; a black man with bullet proof skin and a hoodie, I was intrigued and thought> Hash taggg Black lives matter! Hash taggg Trayvon Martin! and I expected to see some white police officer action packed type drama (at least in the trailer) but that did not happen. Could that be intentional?

Don't get your hopes too high for a Black vs White brawl on Luke Cage

Don’t get your hopes too high for a Black vs White brawl on Luke Cage

His name is Luke Cage and I promise you, I have never seen his character before but upon research, I found out that he featured in previous Marvel flick, Jessica Jones and even had a stint with the Avengers (YUP!). His superpower exists on the fact that he is indestructible; he can hold a fired bullet in his palm and have his shirt ridden with gunshots leaving him unscathed. A scene from the trailer shows Luke Cage getting punched in the face by some guy and the guys fist is totally dismembered from the impact.



So, the show was released last Friday on Netflix and became an instant sensation; so much that by Saturday night, Netflix experienced a near 3hr downtime possibly from the heavy traffic experienced on the streaming service. Some think otherwise and have said Luke Cage had nothing to do with the downtime. Lol.

The character Luke Cage lives in Harlem, USA and is a ‘reluctant’ superhero who doesn’t sport a cape and briefs or heavy metal as costume, is played by Mike Colter who expresses delight at the inexistence of a costume except for a torn, washed up, bullet ridden hoodie which he swaps sometime in the series with Methodman. Luke Cage is a shy man who has had an eventful past; from serving time in jail wrongly and a very familiar ‘experiment-gone-wrong’ plot renders him indestructible. Starring a predominantly black cast, the original Luke Cage image released ahead of the series insinuated the sensitive subject of police brutality on black men but some of the dialogue from the trailer suggest he is another superhero doing what the police cannot do as expressed by co-star Rosario Dawson when she says, “the police can only do so much”.  Mahershala Ali plays the character of (one of) the terror(s) in Harlem whom Luke Cage must take down so when he is challenged to save his neighbourhood from incessant attacks and what not, he sets himself free from that reservedness. Literally.

Luke Cage is showing on Netflix in Nigeria too. You can binge watch all 13 episodes of it’s first season on there.