October 17, 2017

Microsoft Hires Young Designer Whose Rebranding Project Went Viral

Olawale AdeyinaJan 23, 20132min

Andrew Kim is a  young design student who proposed an extensive rebranding of Microsoft’s many products and services and has been hired by microsoft.

“I’ll be designing for Microsoft as of summer. I promise that I’ll make the my greatest work ever while I’m there,” he wrote in a blog post.

Kim’s ideas for a Microsoft rebranding were noticed by many when he posted his designs online last July. Interestingly, the software giant changed its logo just several months later, releasing a minimalist design similar to Kim’s.

By his own admission, Kim was approached by “countless companies” with offers after his Microsoft rebranding project went viral, but he eventually chose to go with Microsoft.

“Working at a company is like getting married, it becomes a fundamental part of your life. I want to work with awesome people on awesome projects that I can get excited about. If you’ve been watching Microsoft over the past year, it’s been exciting, regardless of what your ecosystem preference is,” he wrote.

Kim will be working in Microsoft’s Xbox division, and we’re excited to see how his design ideas will help shape a new visual identity for Xbox, which was left unchanged after the company’s recent rebranding.

Source: MashablesAndrew Kim

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