A new service called SME-in-a-Box has been launched by MainOne. Speaking to TechCity on this solution, Adeyemi Tanimomo, Product Manager, Value Added Services at MainOne, described the new product as one that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of MSMEs in Nigeria.

“The aim for us is to empower the SMEs to drive growth and become more productive in their day-to-day business activities and also to offer them value, real value for their money.,” he told TechCity.

SME-in-a-Box, according to MainOne, is a converged solution of high-speed internet, fixed-voice and cloud solution designed to offer its world class services to smaller businesses in affordable packages. It is is a simple, plug and play service poised to drive business growth, productivity and profitability without compromising quality and value for money. It will help businesses deliver robust services to their clients because of the high quality experience and value the solution offers. This service is especially practical in today’s economic environment where businesses have to adapt to the new financial regime in order to remain viable.

Why SMEs?

Explaining why MainOne which used to be known for providing internet services to institutions and large corporate organization decided to roll out SME products, Tanimomo said it is in line with the great roles that MSMEs are performing in the economies of advanced nations of the world.

“In advanced markets, SMEs contribute over 50% to the GDP of these nations but in this part of the world, SMEs contribute a very negligible value to the GDP of our nation. The decline from oil revenue and other things are affecting our revenue and we found out there is so much we can get from our SMEs. That’s the main reason why we are focusing on empowering MSMEs to become big businesses,” he told TechCity.

SME-in-a-Box is currently available in Ikeja and Apapa, with planned phased launches nationwide.

“SME-in-a-Box is an expression of MainOne’s commitment to constantly innovate as we continue to provide the best connectivity and data network services in West Africa. We also want to provide SMEs access to the same quality of services enjoyed by big organizations to drive their growth and sustainability. The service is especially recommended for startups, professional services companies, architectural firms, law firms, schools, hotels, hospitals, e-commerce firms, retail malls and other businesses that require business support connectivity solutions from one, single provider,” he concluded.

You can watch our interview with him below: