The iPhone 7 is not even here yet and it is already working people up on different levels. The exception of a headphone jack among other things should not come as a surprise anymore but for those in the dark, there’s an explanation and then some.

So, weeks ago, i watched a leaked video that tried to explain the fact that the new iPhone 7 would not have a headphone jack and the guy in the video tried to explain how Apple provided customers a way to still use headphones. It looked quite interesting and straight to the point. The headphone cable pin would be same as the charger so both would fit in the charging port. Lol. How minimalist! The reason for that however, is more fascinating. So, reportedly, the guys at Apple are of the opinion that the 3.5mm headphone jack is taking too much space inside the phone which can be used for more screen space that they are designing future models to look like. I actually was impressed with that at first and thought to myself; with fewer holes on the iPhone, it most definitely would be water and dust resistant like the more recent Samsung galaxy S series.

Now if the rumors are anything to go by (which they most often are anyway), I can’t help but wonder how users will cope when they misplace the “follow come” headphones. Is Apple trying to monopolize its products when others seek better compatibility and innovation that resonates? While the resistance feature made popular by Samsung is still a speculation on the iPhone 7, the space left by the absence of a headphone jack will be filled by ‘holes’ just like the speaker on the opposite side. Only, this replacement might not be a speaker too, it is rumored to be a mic. Apparently, no extra (stereo/surround) sound on the iPhone 7. Already, Apple fans are feeling disenchanted by holes that might mean ‘mic’ instead of speaker.

iPhone 7Plus and iPhone 7? Credit: @SonnyDicksonThe iPhone 7, rumored to be 4.7 inches is expected to be released alongside a 5.5inch iPhone 7Plus which according to reports might be a better choice as a result of camera quality, RAM size, screen resolution, battery capacity among other spec. The iPhone 7Plus camera is touted to be completely different from the iPhone 7 and much better. While I am not exactly an iPhone fanatic, I am curious to see what 2017/18 holds as far as phone releases go. Could it be the beginning of the end of the headphone jack or an exodus to other phone brands. Come September, all the rumors surrounding Apple’s new phones will be quelled when they are officially released.