Google will release an updated version of Google Maps for Android today, The New York Times reports. Conveniently timed for the release date of iOS 6 — which marks the debut of Apple’s new mapping system and the removal of Google Maps from the iPhone — Google is strengthening its Android maps offerings with new features like the ability to sync Google Maps across devices. For example, if you’re logged into Google and search for a location before you leave the house, that location will be available on your Android phone, thus minimizing the frustration of remembering and typing addresses.

Google Maps VP Brian McClendon declined to discuss Apple’s new maps with the Times, but he did emphasize that “it takes a long time and effort to figure out how to do this right. Experience is important.” He also declined to confirm whether an app for Google Maps would be made available in the iTunes App Store — like the YouTube app that was released just last week — but said “we want to make it available for everyone.” The update for Android is reportedly coming today.