Looks like Google is going to be handling some of the most annoying mobile ads, pop-ups and interstitials. Seeing how readers don’t like these ads many would agree this is a move long overdue. Google would now be ranking websites with excessive pop-ups and lower because of it.

This doesnt mean every website that uses pop ups would have to remove them, those with the best information would still rank higher than others. However in cases where the information is relatively equal in quality, and one of the sites has more pop ups than the other, it is clear which would rank higher.

The aim of this is to enhance user experience on websites, while directing them to results that work better for them. A move like this began when in 2014, it began boosting the rank of mobile friendly websites.


As expected, once this change is effected, the ranking of websites where content is not easy to access would drop.

Ads which might cause a lower ranking of a website includes those overlays that obstruct content on a website whether or not it has the x sign which can dismiss them. Also, ads which look like pop ups without being pop ups might be targetted as long as they take up a large portion of the page while it loads.

Nevertheless, not all pop up ads will be targeted. Those needed to verify details would not reduce the ranking of a site, small banners at the top of the screen that leave reasonable amount of space.

Many have responded to this new development negatively as it will definitely reduce visitors and income from ad revenue. Some would question whether Google should be the one to decide whether Ads are acceptable or not.