October 20, 2017

Google Brings Intel Haswell Processor to Chromebooks

AdewaleSep 13, 20133min

Google and Intel introduced more Chromebooks that run on Intel Haswell processor. Three new Chromebooks and a Chromebox was unveiled, each packing  Haswell processor.

intel 2The new chips are designed to consume less power, thus preserving battery life for an all-day charge, while still offering better overall performance. Google notes that there are schools in over 20% of school districts across the US that now use Chromebooks.

intel haswell processorThe announcement came onstage at Wednesday’s Intel Developer Forum keynote in San Francisco, as Intel VP Doug Fisher and Sundar Pichai, the head of Google’s Android and Chrome divisions, showed off the new hardware. Fisher and Pichai revealed two new laptops from existing Chrome hardware partners, HP and Acer, and a Chromebook from Toshiba, and a Chromebox from Asus. These devices mark Asus and Toshiba’s first foray into Chrome OS hardware.

With prices for some of the machines ranking as low as $199, deploying fleets of these devices in academia is an attractive option. What’s interesting is the alignment between Intel and Google now, which should cause folks in Microsoft to smart a bit, yet another major competitor to the Windows operating system seems to clearly be coming into focus.

Intel-Google partners including Acer, ASUS, HP, and Toshiba will be rolling out Chromebooks based on Intel Haswell processor soon, and they’ll collectively be sporting more variety of form factors.”

intel galaxyIntel is also committed to ensuring that mobile devices carry Intel processor. This is another step in a right direction as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 runs on Intel Processor, this will therefore stiffen up competition in mobile processor market.

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