See, as Nigerian children, we were taught that when a visitor is around, we speak most impeccably; your mouth must not leak or spill family issues anyhow.No talk of your siblings, parents, neighbours, etc loosely. Like privacy and minding your business, it is evidently in the past. By now you may or may not have seen some of the most hilarious tweets this month coming as a result of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria. It is almost like the tweets had been in peoples Twitter drafts since forever and thankfully, the right time presented itself to post them. After Zuckerberg hit Yaba and the pictures surfaced on the internet, my fellow Naija people threw caution in the air and went in!!! First, it confirmed the boss status of Lagos mainland… BBM COOL SMILEY

As if the Mainland-Island bants were not enough, someone dragged Ghana into it.

Ruling political party, APC was not left out

Someone tried to acquaint him with our business hustle. On a multilevel marketing p…

Another gave a subtle hint on how evil spirits work with technology

And what is a Mark Zuckerberg visit to Nigeria without shade and a trailer jam?

Bros Markopolo! Nothing do you!