eTranzact has rolled out BankIT, a product it described as its most revolutionary product yet. According to the company, BankIT TM was birthed by a desire to build a payments product that everyone would truly love and easily use; whether as a Bank, a trader in Alaba setting up a website, a web hosting company selling to domain registrants, a payments gateway already deployed on merchant websites, an ecommerce website or as a direct consumer.

With the product, the company wants to eliminate the need to use cards, hardware tokens or visit any bank branches by securely integrating with Banks and allowing customers access their Bank accounts via USSD or BankIT-powered platforms.

Chief Executive Officer, eTranzact International Plc, Valentine Obi said: “BankIT has been developed with the philosophy of making payments simple and accessible for Banks, the merchant and the customer. The solution is customized for ease of use and comes with a strong and reliable security mechanism that protects customers against fraud. We have launched the product to great success with a few partners, and we are ready to open it up for more people to enjoy”.