November 20, 2017

Nigeria’s EFCC Vs Wendy’s – Who’s your favourite?

Benjamin DadaApr 16, 20174min

Naturally, I have no business with Wendy’s as I have never seen their Ad or bought food from them (even though I am in the obodo). But, with Social Media, the world is one big village. We can all get an insight into things outside our (physical) geographical boundary.

So, straight-up, many of us probably heard of Wendy’s from one teen, Carter, who requested a year’s supply of free Chicken nuggets.

This single event which is about to break Ellen DeGeneres’ record for the most RT’d tweet has seen Governments, Corporations and Politicians take part in the movement.

So, that is how I first got to know about Wendy’s. Only for me to find out that they’ve actually been serving savage replies (aka #TrailerJams) just like Nigerian anti-corruption body, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

If there was a Global Award for effective use of Organisational Social Media Account, who are you voting for?

Contestant A –  @Wendys

Lead tweet: Wendy’s dragging Hardee’s (another fastfood company), so bad, they got blocked, Hehehe.

Contestant B – @officialEFCC

Lead Tweet: The time they were supposedly sympathising with an Arsenal fan.

N.B: For non-football fanatics, Arsenal was 4th position on the Premier league table.

Supporting Tweets

For this, I’ll provide you links to compilations of some of their Social Media clapbacks.

@Wendy’s Vs @officialEFCC

TWIST: Some might argue that this is an unfair comparison because their audiences/offerings are quite opposite. But, with social media what you have is simply a handler and her followers. Hence, they have a level playing field, in that sense.

So, who runs both accounts?

With clapbacks as savage and hilarious as these, it is only normal to want to know who handles both accounts.

In January, Mashable came up with a blog post about the person behind Wendy’s Twitter. In March, ListsNG posted a list of suspects for managing the EFCC Twitter Account. It is pertinent to note at this point that the handlers, could be either a single individual, group of individuals or an Agency.

Having read the supporting links provided above, who’ll you pick as a winner?

Also, do let me know if you think another organisation runs their Twitter Account better.

Happy Easter!


Benjamin Dada

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