October 20, 2017

Samsung and LG Set to Launch Curved Screen Phones

AdewaleOct 8, 20133min

Samsung is set to release its curved screen smartphones which could possibly be named Galaxy Round this October while LG is looking at a November release date for its G Flex (which is its answer to the OLED war in smartphones between the two top electronic giants).

curved screen technologySamsung and other phone makers like LG, Nokia and Apple are all experimenting with kinetic displays that move when you bend them. These phones set to be released by both companies (Samsung and LG) will feature a contoured display instead. The screen of these phones is one whose glass topper has been molded in a subtle stationary arc, rather than the one you can wiggle.

While the two country rival companies are planning a similar curved screen technology, there’s definite difference between them: LG says its flexible OLED is 0.44 millimeters thin while Samsung says it can make the panel just 0.12 millimeters in thickness. OLED-Info also noted another difference which is in the curvature of the screens: Samsung’s curved screen has a 400 millimeters radius while LG almost doubled that at 700 millimeters. They also noted that Samsung’s first panel is expected to be 5.7-inches in size and suggests a curved edition of the new Galaxy Note 3. (Check here to see the Galaxy Note 3 configurations).

Jessica Dolcourt pointed out on Cnet that truly flexible displays are still ways off. She says, “creating molded glass is one thing, but manufacturing materials both flexible enough and strong enough to move without breaking is a major feat.” She explains that curved displays are more comfortable to hold up to the ear for longer conversations and the design also serves an aesthetic purpose of creating a difference among competitors. Thus, curved screen smartphones provide a more sleek and fanciful look than normal phones.

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