November 24, 2017

BlackBerry Remember: Top 5 Things You Should Know

SimmyApr 19, 20133min


BlackBerry Remember is one of those features that will make everyone’s life easier. Whether you’re a student, professional or parent, BlackBerry Remember will help you stay organized. Here’s how:

  1. One application. BlackBerry Remember syncs memos and tasks from Outlook and cloud-based services like Evernote, enabling you to keep track of notes, to-do lists and reminders all in one place.
  2. Multimedia friendly. BlackBerry Remember is more than a traditional notepad. You can snap photos, take videos, record voice notes and attach documents directly within the BlackBerry Remember application. Need to flag something but don’t have time to type notes? Add a voice note instead!

  3. Part of the end-to-end BlackBerry 10 experience. With BlackBerry Remember, you can flag content from anywhere on your device. For instance, if you’re browsing through your photo album and find a photo you’d like to flag, all you have to do is tap ‘Share,’ select ‘Remember’ and add a description. You can also flag other items, such as Outlook attachments and webpages from the browser.


  1. Helps you Keep Moving. With the functionality to attach Adobe Reader and Documents To Go files in BlackBerry Remember, it’s easier than ever to update business documents while on the go.
  2. User friendly. As demonstrated above, you can access BlackBerry Remember with a few taps. Similarly, the application is fully integrated with the BlackBerry 10 hub, making the experience intuitive for all BlackBerry 10 users, no matter what your needs are.

Hope with this article, BlackBerry Remember helps you stay organized


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