November 18, 2017

Android Fellas, you probably never knew about these Whatsapp features

Dolapo IyunadeJan 27, 20174min

Whatsapp is arguably the biggest instant messaging platform available yet and over the years, it has evolved into an every day communication tool among billions around the world. The app has witnessed a number of changes and seemingly frequent updates meant to enhance communication and user flexibility.

Recently a few not-so-popular, useful but hidden Whatsapp features have been discovered, some of you may be familiar with them but for the sake of those who are not, i decided to share.

Hide your ‘Last Seen’ time

If you don’t want random people or your contacts to know your ‘Last Seen’ time, it’s time to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. This feature gives you three options -Everyone, My Contacts or even Nobody.

Note that if you don’t share your ‘Last Seen’ time, Whatsapp will not allow you see other people’s Last Seen.

whatsapp last seen

 Deactivate Read Receipts

You can also prevent people from knowing you have read a message. Just go to Settings- Account- Privacy- Uncheck the Read Receipts box. Also if you turn off the read receipts, you wont be able to see the read receipts from other people.

whatsapp read receipts

 Save a Chat

Say you want to save a chat or even send the chat to someone, Click on the chat, then the menu button, More, Email Chat.

whatsapp email chat

 Set Custom Notifications

You can know who messaged you without looking at your phone by setting specific alerts for each person instead of the having the same alert for every message. When viewing a chat, click on the menu button- View Contact- Custom Notifications- check the Use Custom Notifications box.

whatsapp custom notifications

 Keep them quiet

On behalf of Whatsapp, this feature is dedicated by me to all the ladies with stalkers. This feature definitely has to be my favorite because some people or groups can just get really get chatty and you need to mute them. Girl, cry no more, today is your day of salvation. Long press on a chat, click on the crossed speaker at the top of the screen. You can mute the conversation for 8 hrs, 1 week or even 1 year!


Tell me, which of these Whatsapp features is your best?

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