One of the best things about having a smartphone is the apps which makes life much easier for everyone. Sadly, most people are unaware of the benefits of these apps and still face the stress and issues of the analog phone user.

Below are seven phone apps that can save you stress and make life more comfortable.

true caller

1) Truecaller: An app that allows you make calls in a smarter way. It allows it’s user see names and pictures of people who call, even though the numbers are not stored on your phone. It allows the user search for names and numbers of people you want to talk to and might not have their contacts and allows you could block spam calls and avoid as much people as you want especially if they are intruders; truecaller always alerts you.

google maps

2) GPS route finder/Google Maps: This app gets you to wherever you are headed, even allows you find the easiest and fastest route to any destination, walking or driving, so if you are late for a meeting or an appointment and you have no idea where you are going to, this is definitely an app for you


3) Xender/Flashshare: This is an app which allows you share every kind of files including large files in the shortest possible time without restrictions or limitations and or data network connection. It also works between computers and phones.

go back up

4) Go Backup: This app allows you back-up your phone data including contacts, messages, call logs, the applications installed with app data to your SD Card. Users can also restore full backup or select what to backup.

app lock5) Applock: An app that allows you lock your favourite applications, hide whatever pictures or videos you feel should be away from public eyes. Applock makes available random keyboards and invisible pattern lock for you to choose your password or pattern from


6) Android Device Manager: This app makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from a remote location, as long as its connected to the internet. Mostly useful when your phone is stolen.

wps - pdf

7) WPS office+PDF: A working app that allows you to create or read documents on the go on your smartphone so wherever you are and you have a document on your phone , you want to read, the WPS is very reliable or you probably have a document you need to send quickly and you have no PC available, all you need to do is keep your smartphone in a comfortable position and work with it.

Other office applications are always available to choose from if WPS isn’t good enough for you. We have from DOCS TO GO, Polaris office, Office Suite Pro, etc

So don’t make your smartphone just a toy, find it a way to live a more simple, classy and stressfree life.