October 18, 2017

5 Ways BBM Video Enhances Your Smartphone Experience

Olawale AdeyinaApr 15, 20132min

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is one of the most popular applications for BlackBerry® smartphones throughout Africa – it is used by 94% of all BlackBerry smartphone users in Nigeria and South Africa.

One of the main unique features of BlackBerry 10 is BBM Video

BBM Video provides BlackBerry 10 users with a first-in-class video chat agent – here are five ways that it enhances your smartphone experience:

  1. Switch seamlessly between text and video. It’s extremely easy to initiate a video chat with a BBM contact straight from the video icon on the chat screen.
  2. Screen ShareYou can share the screen of your BlackBerry 10 device while continuing your voice or video chat. This allows you to talk in real time about a photo album, business document or website.
  3. High quality audio: BBM Video has stereo and wide-band audio technology so two people can talk at the same time without cancelling each other out.
  4. Cinematic experience: You can rotate your BlackBerry 10 smartphone while BBM video chatting and share your surroundings in portrait or landscape mode with a contact face-to-face over BBM.
  5. Front or rear-facing cameras: When in BBM Video, you can switch between the front or rear-facing cameras on your BlackBerry 10 device.

To see BBM Video in action, watch the demo by clicking here.

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