As part of plans to celebrate its first anniversary, Yudala will be hosting a mega-concert tagged Zero Gravity. The concert which would subsequently become an annual event, will comprise of six shows spread across Lagos, Enugu and Abuja. Yudala says it’ll be the major way the company rewards its customers for their patronage each year.

Giving more insight into the future of Yudala Zero Gravity, the Founder and Vice President, Prince Nnamdi Ekeh mentioned that the event would feature headline acts and the best artistes from the genres of contemporary music and rock gospel from Nigeria and beyond.

When will the concert kickoff?

I’m not sure. Haven’t heard anything about that from Yudala

How do I get a ticket to the event?

Yudala will offer free pass to existing customers on the basis of purchases made from August 1st 2016 on its online platform or chain of Experience Stores located nationwide.

According to Nnamdi all Yudala shoppers will earn points for all purchases made on its platform from August 1st and once they reach the purchase threshold for attendance, a notification will be sent informing them that they’ve won a ticket. Successful customers will get a chance to select their preferred city or cities of attendance. However, asides from winning regular tickets to the event, customers will also be upgraded to VIP or VVIP status based if their purchases meet the threshold for these categories.

What are the purchase thresholds that will qualify me to win the different tickets?

I don’t know. Yudala hasn’t said any word on that. I hope they don’t keep it a secret forever though. I mean, we should know how much worth of goods we can order on the platform to at least qualify for the tickets. That way too, those who really are interested in qualifying for the tickets can come up with ways to spend that much money on the platform.

If this Zero Gravity concert is such a big deal why can’t I see any word about it on Yudala’s website?

Help me ask them.

For non-customers of Yudala who wish to attend the Zero Gravity concerts, tickets will be on sale at Yudala online and in every Yudala Experience Store in the preferred city of attendance.

Going by the information released by the company, Yudala Zero Gravity will witness pure acoustics performances delivered with world-class digital musical equipment from New Concept Media Group’s wide array which will be on full display at the events.