November 20, 2017

Is Youtube trying to become a messaging app with this feature?

Aishat AdamsonAishat AdamsonAug 9, 20171min

Looks like Youtube is integrating a messenger feature onto the app. They have just added a feature to the mobile app that allows users discuss or add comments on the video they are currently watching without having to leave the app itself. How’s that!

This feature allows conversations stay private; users can select the friends they want to share it with from their phone’s contacts or invite people through dedicated links, which can be shared on other platforms. People now have the option of relaying their options through emoji, links to other videos, or by creating clips of their own.

YouTube has also introduced a new ‘Shared’ tab at the bottom of the app which shows a history of all the videos you shared with your contacts.

One more reason to keep you on the app. Haha.

Aishat Adamson

Aishat Adamson

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