Apart from this whole tech stuff, I absolutely love to cook! Everyone here thinks I am weird ‘cos I would watch an entire food show even while fasting. In fact, I had thought I followed a number of British food channels on Youtube, enough to include in this list but, ZILCH. That is what happens when you watch a lot of BBC Lifestyle and think you are watching YouTube. So, for the closet chefs like me, I have carefully trimmed down my subscriptions to bring you the top 3 channels I follow that keep me creative in the kitchen. These channels are amazing! They are explanatory and help a lot with alternative ingredients (for those who always roll their eyes at me when i’m watching them, talm’bout, “you can’t get their ingredients in Nigeria”) and they are not too long so you don’t use up data because… food.


This guy’s real name is David Chilcott. Yes, guy. I thought he was British but upon watching his channel religiously, I figured he was Australian. He is my number one pick because I have actually tried his recipes from start to finish before. He is very detailed in his videos; straight to the point and still conversational, almost like he is right beside you in the kitchen. He is also an incredible ‘drug store’ guy, sharing recipes with ingredients you can get anywhere with information on exact stores in some instances. From basic stuff like nutella ice-cream to no-bake recipes, pastas, rice, DIY projects in the kitchen, he is my kind of guy! Handy and one hella good chef!


Laura Vitale is like that finicky aunt who has always liked fine dining for as long as you can remember and she will whip a good meal when she is on kitchen duty. Emphasis on “fine dining”. That is Laura’s specialty. She even has an app on iOS. Laura is based in America and mixes her YouTube food Channel with a LITTLE bit of reality featuring her husband once in a while and her videos are quite lengthy. She does a lot of pastry, pasta and sweets recipes (the way Italians/Americans like it) but be on the look out for your waistline and not even your data when you subscribe to her.


This channel is run by Canadian, David Hood and Gerald Sales from the Phillipines. I promise you, I don’t know how i subscribed to this channel but when I think about it, it must have been the way i watched them prepare one chicken and fried rice when i was most desperate for a new recipe online. Their videos are short as well and they do soups, chicken and rice, pasta, appetizers, and other yummy-ish looking type of foods.


I would have done a Top 5, but these 3 are really what I follow. I’d rather be honest than try to fill up space. Lol. Food Network on Youtube is not half as fun as on TV (in my opinion). A channel called Cooking Shooking was really cool too. One lady who has great results in her kitchen is Joy of Baking! Her videos are great, but too too long. All these aunties who have a ranch and a lap dog with a big’ol kitchen. Her husband records her sef.

That, my fellow chefs-in-the making, is the life! Do you follow any of these guys? Or you know other awesome chefs on the tube? Let me know in the comments section.

Bon appetit!

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