November 18, 2017

The Legacy That Is FIFA 13

attoSep 29, 20125min

After the impressive FIFA 12 released last year, it was pretty easy for FIFA fans to remain loyal and optimistic about the new FIFA 13. I personally am an avid FIFA lover, so you can only imagine how I felt when I got my pre-ordered copy of FIFA 13. As I ever so slowly unwrapped the game, I kept saying a prayer in my mind, and it went something like this: “Oh laawd, please don’t let this here game disappoint me”. After playing the game for what seemed like 2 hours, but actually was close to 9 hours, I can say confidently that FIFA 13 is without a doubt, the best football sim game I’ve ever played. So lets break it down, shall we?

Attacking Intelligence: Attacking players now examine their surrounding space in order to make better runs, stay onside more often, and ultimately create better passing and scoring opportunities. Attacking players will make runs to pull defenders away from the ball possessor and open up shooting opportunities or bend their run to stay onside as they await a pass to break open the defense. This gives a real-world feel to the game.

Physical Play: Players can battle off-the-ball in an attempt to force opponents into making mistakes, such as a bad first touch, before the ball is received. I actually did unlock an achievement for this bit… because I’m totally awesome. Okay, now moving on!

Complete Dribbling: Inspired by the FIFA Street series, players can use precise dribble touches and skill moves to beat the opposition. Just when you thought FIFA couldn’t possibly have more dribbling, they awe us yet again.

1st Touch Control: 1st Touch control attempts to introduce some unpredictability into the series. Players will no longer effortlessly receive a 70-yard pass while surrounded by defenders. The overall idea is to make players think about their movement before receiving the ball and improve overall realism within the game. It kinda sucks when you begin playing FIFA 13, but eventually it just grows on you.

Tactical Free Kicks: FIFA 13 introduces the ability to position players over the ball on free kicks, use dummy runs, and utilize more passing options than ever before. Defending teams have the ability to add or remove players from the wall, sneak the wall forward slightly, or send one man racing from the wall to block a shot or intercept a pass.

New Tutorial Mode: FIFA 13 introduces 32 mini-games designed to improve your skills: Passing, long passing, shooting, advanced shooting, dribbling, crossing, penalties, and free kicks. Each challenge offers three levels of success: gold, silver, and bronze. Its a really fun way to learn the most difficult of techniques you’ll need to become a FIFA 13 sage.

New Celebrations: EA Sports began its ‘user controlled celebrations’ in its 09 edition of FIFA and has since built on its pioneered work. Once again, new celebrations have been added to FIFA 13 and make the scoring of a goal even more satisfying. The famous Mario Balotelli goal ‘celebration’ is also featured in FIFA 13, along with many other unlockable goal celebrations. 

There remain a ton of new things to be discovered as you play FIFA 13. So go out there and Let’s FIFA!

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