October 18, 2017

Ten Essential Skills For The New Economy

Olawale AdeyinaOct 26, 20122min

This skills were posted by Gbenga Sesan on his twitter timeline, he is a Social Entrepreneur also an ICT for development consultant. The team at TechCity  decided to share them with you.

 Skill 1:  Communication via social media channels isn’t about followers and twit-fights. Connect with ease!

Skill 2: Research Skills: Using search engines smartly may be as important as being knowledgeable about a subject at some point.

Skill 3: Multidisciplinary People. Regardless of course studied, pick up something about everything and everything about one thing

Skill 4: Social Learning. When social connections tweet a link, follow knowledge. Get on edx.org coursera.org

Skill 5: Subject Experts. It is okay to be an expert on even non-traditional subject-matters, but where is your core expertise?

Skill 7: Shameless Pluggers. There’s actually no point being quiet about your much-needed skills. Let the world know what you know

Skill 8: Information Hub Curators. Get an online space where the world sees your diverse sides. Easier now with wifi, blogs, etc.

Skill 9: Eagle-Eyed Trend Spotters. See your industry at least 5 years into the future. Easier if you’re in a developing country.

Skill 10: Exposure Junkies. Get exposed. Whatever you do, make sure you see the world! Travel, eMaps, books, Facebook.

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