The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has issued a warning to companies that are not official sponsors of the games not to post any information online with the hashtag #Rio2016 during the period of the Olympic games in order to protect the rights of actual sponsors who have paid tons of cash in support of the games in general from August 5 – August 21 2016. This is after the committee secured official rights to trademark the words “Rio 2016” to promote some merchandise. Interestingly, a number of other words also were trademarked.

Someone cannot play with this USOC again?

Someone cannot play with this USOC again?

Stated above is that the trademarks are federal and not global or worldwide, so that gives an indication that it will not bother brands and companies outside the US but while that is yet to be confirmed, athletes with ambassadorial duties may not be able to post stuff up about brands that they endorse.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is actually in on the decision of the USOC and told the BBC: “…If a company makes a concerted effort to create an unauthorized commercial association with the Olympic Games or the Olympic properties then we will take swift action, and if necessary legal action.”

In another development, the welfare package for performing athletes at the games include a five star accommodation with heavy security, fully air conditioned rooms to protect against mosquito bites (re:Zika virus), no television but 450, 000 condoms to be shared among athletes during the games.