November 18, 2017

Nigerian govt moves to regulate drone deployment

Paul AdepojuMay 9, 20161min

Nigerian government has decided to regulate the use of drones in the country through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). It recently said all drones must be approved by the NCAA and Office of National Security Adviser (NSA).

NCAA affirmed that users of drones in Nigeria must comply strictly with the conditions stipulated in their permits and the requirements of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs); it added that those that do not follow its directives will be sanctioned. reported that RPA/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are being currently deployed for commercial and recreational purposes in Nigeria without adequate security clearance.

Thus, with the preponderance of these operations particularly in a non – segregated airspace, there has to be proactive safety guidelines.

The development of the use of RPA nationwide has emerged with somewhat predictable safety concerns and security threats.

Paul Adepoju

Paul ADEPOJU is a Nigerian freelance journalist, managing editor, blogger and published writer (3 books already). He has vast experience working with various media organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. He covers stories on various genres and for various audiences. He is the managing editor of which is Africa’s leading health news website; he also manages, a city blog that focuses on happenings in his home town of Ibadan, southwest Nigeria. He has won several awards including Nigeria’s Vanguard Newspaper’s Young Nigerian Making The Difference award; a certificate of recognition from UNESCO and Goi Peace Institute in Japan; a finalist at the International Press Institute’s Young Nigerian Journalist of the Year award; and was the only African finalist in the NetImpact/FedEx Global Access Essay Competition.

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