By 2017, you’ll be able to watch CBS’ upcoming Star Trek series anywhere in the world, courtesy of Netflix. The internet Television Network has won exclusive rights to stream the series in 188 countries excluding the US and Canada.

Even better, although the new Star Trek series won’t be out until early 2017, Netflix will be giving subscribers access to all 727 episodes of previous seasons/installments of the Trek series by year end.

According to Netflix, all episodes of the new series will be available exclusively to Netflix members “in all licensed territories within 24 hours of the US premiere on CBS.”

Fans in the US would have access to the new series via CBS All access while those in Canada will be able to watch it via Bell Media.

Seeing that  the upcoming Star Trek series would be the first since 2005, What are your expectations from the show? That is of course if you’re an avid Trekkie yourself.