October 20, 2017

Grand Theft Auto V Gets Delayed.

attoFeb 3, 20133min

Its a sad day for all enthusiastic grand theft auto lovers everywhere around the world. GTA game developers, Rockstar, announced this week that the fifth part of the Grand Theft Auto series would be moved from the spring, till September 17, 2013… Rockstar posted the update on its website, which reads:

“We know this is about four months later than originally planned and we know that this short delay will come as a disappointment to many of you, but, trust us, it will be worth the extra time… To all Grand Theft Auto  fans, please accept our apologies for the delay, and our promise that the entire team here is working very hard to make the game all it can be. We are doing all we can to help ensure it will meet if not exceed your expectations come September — we thank you for your support and patience.”

Well maybe this isn’t all bad news. If we’ve come to expect anything from the GTA series, its that more often than not, it sets the benchmark for other video games to follow- which by the way, they find it extremely hard to do. So they can postpone the release date for as long as they need to. It only means more ‘awesome’ is going into the production of the game.

There have been multiple speculations from editorials all over the world, stating that there might be a chance that the game developers also want to release the video game on the next generation consoles. That means they’re waiting for Sony to release it’s PlayStation4 and for Microsoft to release its Xbox720. Rockstar denied any of these speculations, stating clearly in the press update that they were delaying the release of the video game strictly for content improvement reasons, and tagged all other speculations as being “conspiracy theories”. Regardless of what the underlying reasons might be, one thing’s for sure: Its going to be a hell of a game when its finally released.

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