The year-end festivities are usually associated with one color: Red. It matches Santa-Claus’ robe, partners white on the famous peppermint candy canes, and is usually associated with love, joy and celebrations.

For techy netizens however, Christmas has one important inclusion, their PC. With all of this goodness in the air, many of us would either need to use our PCs for entertainment, or to keep up with our productivity on the go as we celebrate with families and friends. This means we would want to achieve more without hitches, keeping your computer free from virus, backing up your data or simply learning keyboard shortcuts.

Here are 4 things that will help keep your computer safe, fast and easy to use.

Protect your PC from Virus

First thing you must know is, where there is a virus, there is an anti-virus. This means that you need an anti-virus that is up-to-date. It is also important to keep your computer protected by not opening suspicious links, or even visit websites to download files from sources that are not trusted. Or you may even see a pop-up that tells you your computer is infected, do not be alarmed, take your time to check that it is not a fake website.

Throw away the Garbage

One similarity many of us share about Christmas aside the festivity is that we declutter the house in preparation for the holiday. So here are the things you should do. First, update your Windows and install your updates and restart when your computer ask you to. This is a sure way of keeping your PC safe. Second, clean your temporary files; It is good to do so. There are several tools that can keep your computer free of all clutter, so do it once in a while. Thirdly, uninstall applications that are not in use from your computer.