Nigeria, with a population of over 180 million people has continued to experience massive growth in online businesses, especially those in the ecommerce sector. This has led to a huge demand for logistics companies to help meet the ever surging demand from merchants who sell their products online, which is one of the key reasons why Optimus SAAS (a product of FijiCrowd Tech.) was created. According to the CEO/ Co-founder, Abayomi Elebute, “Optimus technically empowers logistics companies in Africa. We believe that the average logistics firm faces huge cost constraints as to the number of machinery they can acquire and the flexibility of their technology”.

Logistics companies face several challenges due to the lack of a solid technology back-end. Take package tracking for instance, in many cases logistics companies don’t offer this service and what this means is that logistics companies are unable to determine the shipment lifecycle of packages. Another challenge is difficulty in expense management and cash reconciliation, which usually results in loss of funds. Vehicle tracking is also another area logistics companies struggle with. Lack of a good vehicle tracking system means that logistics companies are unable to track their vehicles in real-time and plan routes, which could lead to loss of packages, delay in delivery and even theft of vehicles.

optimusOptimus SAAS is the first logistics SAAS (Software as a Service) positioned to tackle these and other  logistics challenges in Africa, and at very flexible rates making it easy for established and start-up courier companies to run and manage their businesses from the cloud.

Optimus SAAS gives you insights into your data by providing a reporting module with dashboards for location, customer and expense analysis, and dispatch performance among others. As a logistics business, knowing the routes with the highest numbers of package pick-up requests or locations where packages are mostly shipped to can aid resource planning and maximization. Also, information on which brand of your vehicles consumes more funds to maintain than others, which of your dispatchers are under- or over-performing, and which areas to invest more efforts and time into are important to run a logistics company. These and so much more are insights Optimus SAAS offers for better decision-making.

So if you’ve got a logistics company and wouldn’t mind a 30-Days Free trial of the Optimus SAAS software, then click here. If you’d be more interested in an interactive demo, then click here instead.