Isn’t it annoying how iOS’s auto-correct feature is so controlling and bossy? Especially when you want to swear the “fuck” at someone but “duck” keeps getting in the way.

There now is a way to bypass Apple’s irritating censorship. The Guardian’s  Steven Thrasher  tweeted this hack to fix your phone’s aversion to the word “fuck”.

According to him, adding “fuck fucker” and “fucked fucking” as contacts on the phone will make the iphone stop auto-correcting the the word “fuck” into variations of the “duck, yuck” etc.

Not that cursing while typing is such a good thing, it just feels good knowing the iphone can no longer boss us around, stopping us from enjoying the guilty pleasures of the “fuck” word.

Gizmodo night editor Eve Peyser also points out another way to bypass the annoying censorship. From  Settings, enter General, then Keyboard, the Text Replacement, and  create customized auto-corrections and delete word the “ducking” altogether.

Astalabista baby!!! The F-word once again wins.