Olumide Soyombo is the Co-Founder of Bluechip Technologies.

Bluechip Technologies is a systems integrator specialized in Data Warehousing, Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions. We have deployed several solutions for many of the banks and telcos, in terms of harnessing their data to help in delivering key decisions in their business around who their top customers are and how their business is performing, basically helping them measure things so they can manage them.

SAP as an OEM is a key player in this industry with several industry leading tools that enable us to bring our know-how to bear in delivering the solutions to our customers.

What is the new relationship between SAP and Bluechip?

Bluechip is a specialized value added partner for SAP focusing on the analytics and data management space. What we do working along side with SAP is help clients get data from different sources and help them make sense of this data to help them support decision making in their organization which is one of the reasons we are here today to talk to some customers about how they can use data in driving performance especially since the country is in a recession and companies now need to look at ways to drive down cost and improve revenue.

Can you give us a hint on what the customers are to expect in terms of this new relationship with SAP and how the program “reinventing your business” can affect their everyday business

What we are trying to tell customers today is, how do you bring in several analytic solutions that can help you disrupt the way you currently do things. I talked earlier about helping you measure selling metrics in your business so you manage them and how the businesses themselves can live and operate in a way that is data driven so that the decisions they make are data driven and they learn better ways to do things and make better decisions based on the data they have but weren’t harnessing the power of that data.

For us, we see ourselves bringing in data from different sources that these clients have and help them make intelligent decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t have made which could help them in driving down cost and could also even create new areas for them to introduce new products to the market intelligently that could also drive their revenue.

So, are you telling us now that this is something that both the private and public sectors can benefit from?
Definitely. As at today, even in the public sector, we need to come up with policies that are backed by solid data that has been collected, analyzed and patterns and trends have been seen, not just coming up with policies for policy sake. You find out that the power of analytics can shape policy making even in our Nation in the public sector.

Going forward now, 2017 should be a very interesting year and we are sure that the market should be looking forward to you deploying these solutions for their businesses.

Indeed. Laughs