People who work in tech or need to catch on to current trends in the tech for their line of work, earnestly anticipate Mary Meeker’s annual Internet trends report. Once ranked as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world by Forbes, former Walls Street securities analyst – Mary Meeker currently serves as a partner at venture- capital fund Kleiner Perkins Canfield Byers (KPCB).

In her capacity as partner, she oversees the funds Digital Growth Funds and her annual reports are a compilation of various data that show where current trends in the internet and technology as a whole. This year’s report was shared at this year’s edition of tech blog re/code’s CODE conference in California.

Below are a couple of highlights from her 213-page report which you can download here;

  • There are currently about 3 billion global Internet users but growth is flat at 9% year on year. However, though internet penetration in developed countries is very high, there is still room for growth in developing countries
  • Number of Android users is increasing while the number of iOS users is declining, but the selling price for Android is rapidly falling.
  • At the moment, a lack of network infrastructure and reasons to get online are the biggest barriers to internet adoption
  • Advertisers aren’t spending enough money online and more specifically on mobile. That of course is considering the amount of time that most people spend online.
  • Adblocking is up 94% year on year
  • Google currently controls almost half the internet advertising revenue market, followed by Facebook. However Facebook’s advertising revenue grew more compared to that of Google over the past year.

For more insights on some of the implications of the trends posted in Meeker’s report, see here.