November 20, 2017

With #100 Etisalat you can revive our dying reading culture – Flip!

Benjamin DadaFeb 20, 20173min

It is no news that the reading culture is dying. In fact, Maya Alexandri claims “There is no reading Culture in Africa”. In a debate hosted by the BBC, they report that access to books in Africa is often difficult and expensive.

If you could be granted access to 35 books weekly, would you be willing to pay, #100 (in airtimes’ worth)? What if you could read this on the fly without having to buy a Kindle. A situation where your smartphone (internet-enabled device) is sufficient to get your started.

Enter Flip!… makes Local and International books/comics available to mobile subscribers.
Arguably the first digital library in Africa with airtime billing enabled, making digital distribution and monetization easier for local authors and publishers.

Imagine Concepts Limited (iConcepts), a leading provider of mobile content, marketing and technology solutions, today announced the launch of its innovative service, Flip, an e-Library solution to make local books and comics more accessible to the end user and promote the local reading culture.

Flip is a new service that offers mobile data subscribers access to the largest collection of authoritative Nigerian eBook and comic content on all major mobile devices and desktop platforms. It also provides local publishers with a platform to effectively distribute and monetize their content whilst combating piracy.

Flip is a web portal with a browser-based reader, optimised for mobile, making it easy to read and navigate regardless of the mobile device being used. Users can bookmark their comics, save books for reading at a later time, manage their subscriptions, and even publish their own content on the platform.

The service is currently active on the Etisalat Nigeria network and will be available across other mobile operators in the coming months.

Visit today for a free trial.


Benjamin Dada

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