Monday, February 20, 2017

Infographics: Will these science fictions in movies ever become a reality?

Have you ever thought about how the science fictions and technology we now take for granted was one the stuff of Hollywood movies? 20...

Is it Operant or Operand Conditioning? Let’s talk

Almost totally unrelated but I am undergoing my Master's degree programme and naturally, my life right now is all about articles and the likes. So...

GE Affirms Its Commitment To Nigeria And Africa With Ongoing Investments

Multinational companies often talk about investing in Africa and expanding their footprint here, but few of them actually follow through on their promises to...

Playing Doctor: This VR Could Walk Physicians Through The Patient’s Body

Ludovic Avot and Yannick Le Berre are big video game fans with Avot’s favorite being “Fallout 4, which guides players through post-apocalyptic Boston”. The...

What’s Next For GE In 2017: Changing The Game With A...

Every December, GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt hosts a meeting with analysts and investors to walk through the company’s strategy and financial goals...

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