Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Memoirs of My Love Affair with Google Photos

OUR FIRST DATE So, last year when Android one was newly released last year on the Infinix hot device, Google photos was the only gallery...

Access to Computers Could Enhance the Reading Culture in Nigeria

With Nigeria's reading culture on the steady decline, the need for information and knowledge in today’s world has continued rise. Reading remains the best...

7 possible complaints about the new Iphone 7

Yes, the new Iphone 7 is the rave of the moment, and while memes are fast going viral depicting how desirable the phone is...

7 Apps that make life easier for you

One of the best things about having a smartphone is the apps which makes life much easier for everyone. Sadly, most people are unaware...

5 Apps Every Woman Should Have On Her Phone

Gone are the days when people downloaded apps out of curiosity, necessity, or just didn't. For ladies who probably feel too workaholic, old fashioned, to...

Choose a side in #WarOfTheGalaxies: Samsung #GalaxyNote7 VS #GalaxyNote5

Oftentimes, after a new release by Samsung, people come out in their droves to pitch an old Samsung smartphone against the new or worse...

Looking beyond the fear factor when selling cloud software to SMEs

This is a guest post by Steven Cohen, Head of Sage One International (Africa, Australia, Middle East, Asia and Brazil) A common misperception is that...

Twitter Orubebe, #PDPHouseOfHunger and the death of social media in Nigeria

As I began to register for the events I would be attending at Social Media Week Lagos which begins today Monday February 22 for...

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